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whatevendoe said: Lolita the book was published in 1955. The lolita fashion did not make its appearance until around the 1980s at the earliest. Do you really think it's a coincidence that dressing like a prepubescent girl is called lolita now? Come on girl.




”come on girl I don’t know jack shit about this subject and I can’t be assed to do my research but i KNOW im right cause i cant NOT be right?? right?? come on girl, come on” <— thats you

Come on, girl, stop being an ignorant know-it-all and realize 2000+ people firmly disagrees with your ridiculous opinion. Is it really that tiresome to google the name Lolita? Appareantly dense people like you just can’t be assed to open a new tab, so here is some information for you;

LOLITA IS A SPANISH NICKNAME. LOLITA is a nickname that existed way before the book was published. It’s a spanish nickname for girls named Dolores, just like Dolly. It’s just a cute name people gave to cute girls named Dolores.

The main character in Lolita, the book, was called Dolores. Vladimir Nabokov didn’t invent the name Lolita, his main character was called Lolita because it already existed BEFORE HE WROTE THE BOOK.

The lolita FASHION took it’s name from the spanish nickname because it was a cute nickname for girls, usually feminine and cute girls, named Dolores. The sexual connotations only exist in the western world, some countries still use the name Lolita as a nickname because the name isn’t anything sexual to them, just like how lolita fashion isn’t sexual. It’s literally just the western world that sexualizes the shit out of children and convince everybody their definition is the right one. Just because you’ve been raised to believe something does not mean it’s true.

Come on, girl. Don’t be an asshat pretending like you own the world and know everything when you don’t even know how to use google. Jesus, some people are so painfully self-confident when they’ve literally got no reason to be.

Come on, girl, do your research! It’s really not that hard! :-D

petitepasserine Since you seem to be so hard up on me using Google to define lolita, I did exactly that. When I typed in: “define lolita” what came up was, Lo·li·ta lōˈlētə/noun - a sexually precocious young girl.

Woah would you look at that! Even the almighty Google agrees.

Yes, originally the term lolita may have been used as a name for dolores. I didn’t Google that but I’ll trust you. Yet, when you name a fashion that has older teens and adults that dress much like children, which have, like I’ve said, many nursery styled prints, and primary name it after a book which you know the contents too, which by definition is a a sexually precocious young girl, there is no way you can argue that the two are not correlated. Maybe if you wanted to dress like a young girl and not have people immediately think that it doesn’t have a sexual theme, you should have thought out the name better than naming it something that has so much to do with the sexualization of girls.

Using google to find a vocabulary is not research. Thats the meaning the word got after the book, not what it meant originally, and not what the fashion was named after. If you actually did your research as opposed to jumping onto the first definition probably written by some white dude, you’d see that hey, maybe these 3,000+ girls are actually right and I’m making a fool out of myself! Alas, you chose different.

Lolita literally means girly/girl/cute girl. NOT sexually precocious girl, which too, is wrong, because Lolita from the book wasnt sexually precocious; SHE WAS RAPED BY A PEDOPHILE.

Lolita wasn’t a sexy vixen, she was a 12 year old girl who was raped by her stepfather and abused and beat and taken advantage of. You literally quoted a definition that sexualizes rape and pedophilia. Good on you, thats what you get for not actually doing your research; blindly spreading a word that supports abuse of children! Yay!

And uh, buddy, I was born in 1995. Just because I enjoy a fashion that was created before I was born, in the 80’s, meaning I had no control over the name, doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to speak up against pedophiles sexualizing children lmao.

But yeah, congratulations, after several hours you finally opened google. Next time maybe do actual research before you use a term used to defend pedophiles, yes?

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I really would like to be a lingerie model

But my dad would be so disappointed in me…he’s the only family member that I actually care what they think… :(


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